Lost horizon 1973 download

Lost horizon 1973

Lost Horizon is a American musical film directed by Charles Jarrott and starring Peter Finch, John Gielgud, Liv Ullmann, Michael York, Sally Kellerman. Peter Finch and Liv Ullmann in Lost Horizon () Sally Kellerman and George Kennedy in Lost Horizon () Sally Kellerman in Lost Horizon () Sally. I don't know how much Ross Hunter paid Burt Bacharach and Hal David to write the music for “Lost Horizon,” but whatever it was, it was a too.

James Hilton's beloved fantasy novel about the land of Shangri-La was given an awkward musical treatment in this extravagantly produced flop. restaurant-le-mercier.com: Lost Horizon (): Liv Ullmann, Peter Finch, Sally Kellerman, George Kennedy, Charles Boyer, Michael York, Sir John Gielgud, Charles Jarrott, .