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Manorama font

This font is Malayalam font encoded in English characterset for more universal and easy installation for reading the online version of Malayala. Manorama Regular Manorama Licensed to Malayalamanorama for web use only . India Malayala Manorama Pugmarks Interweb This font is Malayalam font. Free Download (Manorama) Font From (Malayalam General) Category. See Font Style Before You Download (Manorama) Font

Font. Weight: Regular; Version: Version Pugmarks Interweb, Chandigarh, India 11/30/97; No. of Characters:: ; Encoding Scheme: 4; Is Fixed Pitch: No. make sure you have Manorama font file ( installed in your windows fonts folder. I found the download for the font here. Jacobs-Mal-Graphic Jacobs-Mal-Ramzan Jacobs-Mal-Script Jacobs-Mal-Stars Jacobs-Mal-Zebra Kalakaumudi KeraLite Manorama Matweb Meera ML_Dot.

Malayalam font - Download Malayalam Font free, Most popular Malayalam fonts for typing Manorama, Karthika, Varamozi, Deepa, Gaytri, Unicode fonts for. Manorama free Font - What Font Is - Download Manorama font. Manorama by Any other use of these fonts except for reading or printing the.